VoIP (Voice over IP)

VoIP drastically changes classical telephony

Voice over IP (VoIP) is the term for making telephone calls via IP-based computer networks.

Nowadays, every company communicates via a wide variety of platforms. Unified Communication is becoming the standard. Video and call center applications are being integrated. Existing telephone solutions have to adapt to this. They are disappearing into the network, hard phones are becoming soft phones, ISDN infrastructures are becoming VoIP solutions, local solutions are becoming cross-location services.

How are existing systems integrated into such environments, what challenges arise for your LAN/WAN infrastructure, what level of virtualization is recommended and what solutions will your users most likely accept?

Common questions from our customers, which we will gladly answer for you. We present different VoIP systems available on the market and their respective benefits and disadvantages.

Whether “on premises”, in the cloud, or a hybrid taking all of the existing old systems into account. Contact us.



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