Benefits of hosting at a glance

No server capacity planning

since the capacity of the server can be adapted flexibly.

Rapid provision

usually within a few hours.

Server backup


Cost effective

since it’s pay-per-use, no hardware investments.

Central server monitoring

and automatic hardware management.

High availability

Service Level Agreement (SLA) 99.9%.

Hosting / Housing and Colocation

These have been popular forms of IT outsourcing for a long time and are the precursor of a fully-automated, localized IT solution. A concept with impressive benefits! Companies use the technology and reliability of large and specialized providers in order to increase the availability of their solutions and permanently reduce IT costs.

The selection of the right solution depends on the respective requirement profile!

Housing or Colocation

HostingWith housing, external rooms and racks are dedicated by a provider and made available to your company. In general, the housing is provided in racks which are made available by the provider. Depending on the operator model, the costs for energy and cooling are included in the prices.

If needed, the customer is also provided with a cage (enclosed “cells”) with sole access for the customer’s personnel, ensuring that no unauthorized parties gain access to the systems.

Services usually included with housing

  • Provision of rooms
  • Infrastructure for cooling and energy (redundant) and emergency power supply
  • High-security building, BCM-compliant
  • Certified services (optional)
    • Hands-on services (reboot, insertion of data storage devices, etc.)
    • ISO or BSI-certification
  • Access control, professional monitoring and logging


The concept of hosting or server hosting is an approach with which, from the customer’s point of view, physics and hardware play a subordinate role. The two following variants are the most widely known:

  • Dedicated hosting, a physical server is made available to the customer. The machine is subject solely to the customer’s administration The capacity of the server corresponds 1:1 with the provided hardware. The data backup is solely the customer’s responsibility/task
  • Virtual hosting, here, virtual servers are switched on on a platform and made available to the customer, in general, incl. the operating system. The capacity of the server can be flexibly booked (reduced or increased). In general, the server is administered by the customer on the operating system. The servers are usually secured every night using a so-called snapshot procedure and can be restored if needed.

A huge benefit of hosting is the redundant and professional infrastructure with:

  • Redundant power supply
  • Emergency power supply
  • Redundant network connections (virtual IPs)
  • Hardware reflection on the platform level
  • Storage in a RAID network

Housing or hosting, which concept is right for you?

Hosting is is almost always the better choice, since it offers more flexibility and a higher level of automation which preserves internal resources. Housing is often only the right choice if direct access to special hardware (e.g. dongles or USB devices) is required or a dedicated server environment is required due to internal specifications.

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