Infrastructure as a Service

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Infrastructure as a Service

Benefits of IaaS at a glance

Flexible provision

of resources, based on need.

No hardware costs

or long-term amortization.

Service level

and service quality of 99.99%.

Fast server provision

within 30 minutes.

Cost savings

No expenses for space and energy, pay-per-use.

Central control

via the Serve-Service-Portal.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) / Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Take advantage of the benefits of professional hosting for internal applications and profit from high availability and a defined service level at your company!

Infrastructure as a Service is a technology with which the server, networks and infrastructure are provided on an as-needed basis. The IAAS platform consists of different elements which can be implemented individually on an as-needed basis.

The right solution for your needs. From us – for you.

Take advantage of the benefits of the flexible IaaS platform, s-presso, and test us out. We will gladly consult with you and provide you with a free test platform for 30 days.

The s-presso IAAS/PAAS solution!

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offers you the following benefits:

  • Pre-configured application stacks: for simple and faster provision of complex, virtual infrastructures
  • Multi-tiered management: allows for the delegation of administrative tasks and multi-tiered roles and rights
  • Complete transparency: your specialists profit from functions, filters, metadata search and reports
  • Savings potential, reduced energy costs
  • Reduction of expenses for your specialists

The best availability – high service level

Your new, virtualized infrastructure is hosted on our network of 20 high-security computing centers, distributed throughout Europe. A fast and reliable connection is ensured by our highly modern fiber optic network. In accordance with the specifications of the BDSG, hosting explicitly in Germany (Frankfurt) is possible or at other European locations – it’s your choice!

With s-presso, you enjoy a continuous, high service level so your IT team can focus on truly crucial tasks.

Option of parallel operation

You can first test the implementation of your existing IT systems with us and thus create a hybrid infrastructure. The services provided include, for instance, VPN, VLAN and network options. Alternatively, you can perform a complete migration of all services in order to gain the greatest benefit. Only when the new installation is complete can you switch over, without any risk.

Flexible expansion options

You have a flexible choice of whether you only require functions such as an Exchange server, Sharepoint or similar or if you prefer your own VM. The s-presso VMs can be expanded in every way and expansions can be switched on to suit your needs. The server can grow with your needs without hardware modifications or downtimes.

Virtual data center

  • Location-based virtual computing centers in:
    • DE – Frankfurt
    • CH – Zurich
    • IT – Milan
    • FR – Paris
    • UK – London
    • ES – Barcelona
    • US – Dallas
  • Highly redundant and ISO / BSI-certified
  • Automated server backup


  • With public IP addresses
  • Private networks
  • 100Mbit bandwidth

Port-based firewall

  • Server / port-specific rules
  • Templates for rules

Virtual private server with customized equipment

  • CPU (based on 2.2GHz cores)
  • Flexible memory dimensioning
  • Raid-based server storage
  • Clone already active devices

Server templates

  • Prepared configurations that can be reproduced as needed (in series)
  • Quick provision
  • Option of bundling finished products
  • Clone servers already in use

The benefits are obvious. With IaaS, your own IT is relieved of routine activities and risks, reducing costs long-term.

Possible uses for IaaS/PaaS

IaaS platforms are used to increasingly outsource the internal server infrastructure. When outsourcing, the server is usually reorganized and optimized. The costs are permanently reduced and the operational risk is reduced to a minimum.

The use of IAAS / PaaS is excellently suited for long-term outsourcing strategies. You don’t have to outsource everything at once, but instead, application-by-application, as part of a long-term concept.

IaaS/PaaS structures are also often used when servers or high computing capacities have to switched on seasonally or for tests systems for which dedicated procurement is not economically feasible.

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