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Savecall knows the market and works together with all carriers. We find the best solution for your network.

If your Internet connection is unavailable, everything stops. Regardless of whether your data is hosted on the cloud or locally, we know how critical your data connection is for your company. Our network experts develop a customized solution that is perfectly tailored to your needs. From a simple SDSL line to carrier-, path- and media-redundant solutions with no single-point of failure and the highest SLAs. With bandwidths of 1MB to nGB. In the most remote geographic areas and with providers and technologies you’ve never seen before.

Exactly as your individual situation requires.



Customer testimonials

With Savecall, AVIA found a partner who focuses on service and develops solutions that take individual requirements of all organizational components into account.
Josef GrünbergerDeutsche AVIA Mineralöl-GmbH
The recommendation from Savecall was the perfectly integrated solution for our needs and is completely uncomplicated and flexible.
Hans-Michael SchaniaAurelius Capital Management GmbH
We have already received very positive feedback from our customers regarding our new network services. With Savecall, have found a very reliable and competent partner.
Alexander HansenSatellite Office GmbH
For more than 6 years, we have counted on the expertise of Savecall telecommunication consulting GmbH.
With Savecall, I have an optimal partner for reducing the costs of my leased line.
Marcel FriedbergIT Director

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