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All IP

With an All IP connection, you connect your telephone system to the Internet.

Simply stated, the voices on every telephone call are converted into data packets, sent via the Internet connection and thus the Internet to the dialed call recipient and unpacked back into voice at the router.

In principle, this process doesn’t use lines, but rather the individual packets are transported in units via IP.

Benefits of All IP

Best voice quality

since an uncompressed channel isn’t always available for every conversation.

Lowest failure rates

in comparison to other connection types, ISDN is error-free

Nationwide availability

via regulating wide-coverage availability

The first step into the All IP world

In order to ensure a consistently high voice quality, the data packets for voice are processed as a priority using “QoS” (Qualitiy of Service). In order for this mechanism to work smoothly, the Internet bandwidth (in this case the upload rate) has to be sufficient. You should calculate approximately 100kbit/s for the upload per call.

If you are calling in a MPLS, these packets are prioritized and delivered with CoS (Class of Service); in this case 100kbit/s per conversation should be reserved.

This connection is interesting for companies with more than 20 employees that have to ensure continuous reachability because you can flexibly hold up to 30 calls simultaneously and increase your capacities as need at any time. All IP is available nationwide and is, in principle, more cost-effective than a conventional PMX connection and still utilizes all of the performance features of classical ISDN connections. All IP connections can be obtained as four different types:

  • Dedicated access is an Internet connection for pure voice use
  • As a convergent voice-data product. A portion of your data line is reserved for telephony via QoS.
  • In combination with site networking via MPLS. This is also a convergent solution between voice and data.
  • The transfer to third-party data lines whereby you do not receive SLAs regarding reachability.

With this multitude of alternatives to a conventional PMX connection, there are, of course, questions such as which is the right connection type for your company and what else can you connect with your IP connection.

Utilize our independent expert consulting to find the right provider for your company or directly check the availability for your location using our online check. We will gladly assist you!

All IP features

Independent of the carrier technology, IP or ISDN, you can, in principle, ALWAYS take your numbers with you when you change providers, taking the minimum contract duration and cancellation periods into account (porting).

It is also possible to evaluate individual, multiple and centrally managed PMX connections via net-based tools.

Of course there are additional add-on services available to you such as clip no screening, CLIR and COLP  as well as support for CODEC G.711 / G.729a and T38.

Typical All IP applications

ISDN will soon be completely replaced by IP as the standard.

The Telekom will no longer be accepting orders starting in 2016. In order to make the transition as easy as possible for your customers and save on capacities, a wide range of carriers are already offering combo products combining Internet and telephone connections.

If you want to convert your telephony on a company-wide basis, manage your service centrally, or no longer need the connections for each site, but instead manage your voice traffic on the network using “CoS”.

Overview of all All IP providers

Provider Product
Colt Colt IP Voice LineSmart Office
qsc QSC IPfonie corporate
versatel Versatel VT ngn
ecotel Ecotel Ethernet Voice
Vodafone Vodafone System Connection Plus S2M

Costs for All IP

A currently popular variant is the use as a convergent voice/data product, a so-called combo product. You can easily book these as options, whereby the monthly costs are, of course, significantly low than comparable PMX connections since you no longer need your own incoming line and, therefore, do not require further capacities.

This is similar with a connection from the network.

The following points must be taken into account when determining prices:

  • Location: Since this connection is transferred using IP, the provider of your choice must of course ensure availability at your location.
  • Provider: If you have several providers to choose from, check the offers here since each of the providers offers different conditions and promotions.
  • Dimensioning: Since you don’t have to have a new connection laid every time, but instead, the size of your connection depends on you and, especially, the upload rate on your data line, you can also decide how many channels you want to book.
  • Duration: Depending on the selected contract duration, you can often negotiate better conditions.
  • Features: Most providers provider you with a variety of different billing models as well as services that allow you to provide transparency eternally, for instance using clip no screening.


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