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Landline telephony

In the landline telephony sector, ISDN is still the most common standard. The most important features of ISDN include, among others, transmission speeds from 64 or 128 kBit/s, connections established within a few seconds, no interruptions due to faults in the telephone line. In addition, ISDN has two voice channels (B channels) as a standard which can be used simultaneously.

By 2018, the Deutsche Telekom plans to convert its entire ISDN network to All IP technology. This marks the end of analog and ISDN landline telephony.

Most network manufacturers have already stopped offering ISDN interface cards. It is only a matter of time until every company converts directly to IP interfaces. All IP connections offer many benefits such as bandwidth sharing, lower base, etc. However, there are also disadvantages such as fewer channels per S2m/PMX connection and some ISDN features are not available. This has to be checked, in particular for cash register systems and analog end devices. In addition your LAN or WAN has to be “VoIP-ready“, if your company also uses VoIP.

A VoIP solution isn’t always the better solution.

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