Lean back and relax – we will handle your IT and telecommunications

Interview with Nikolaus von Johnston, Managing Director of Savecall telecommunication consulting GmbH


Nikolaus von Johnston

Savecall is known on the market as an independent IT  & telecommunications expert. What does that mean to you?
That is how we express our core competence. We have several years of experience and intensive expert knowledge of the IT& telecommunications market which we have been pursuing for more than 13 years now on behalf of our customers. Whenever the topic is products from telephone companies, we are the right contact.

What benefits does this offer your customers?
Our customers use us to obtain provider-neutral access to the market and full transparency. Every IT officer knows this situation: Every provider you’ve looked at markets its solution approach as the best and themselves as having the highest performance.

And after every additional sales consultation, you’re just as in the dark as you were before, right?
Exactly. You can’t get the information you are interested in: what are the right telecommunications concepts for me? Does it work in practice? Does the provider fulfill is service promises? Where is the best price-to-performance ratio? Or should I just stay with my current provider? These are all questions our customers want to ask. We answer them in a competent and provider-neutral manner.

That sounds like classical consultation. How are you different from your competitors?
You will either find classical technology consultants on the market who provide conceptual consultation, but who don’t know their way around the provider market and business. Or pure service mediators who, due to a lack of knowledge, cannot provide the customer with conceptual consultation. Savecall pursues a unique approach. By accompanying our customers long-term, we have comprehensive practical experience with the individual providers and their products. From the business and customer perspective! This allows us to perform precise cross comparisons and allows our experts to provide founded, practice-oriented conceptual consultation.

How do you envision the future of Savecall?
Very positively. A high-performance and cost-efficient TC & IT structure is and remains an important topic for any company. The telecommunications market will continue to be dynamic and produce many products an technical innovations. These have to be reviewed and evaluated by the companies. The responsible parties at the companies have less and less time for this due to their other important tasks.

This is precisely where we come in and that is why there will be even more work for us in the future. Our customers’ satisfaction proves us right and has already made us the most successful company in our branch. We will continue to build on this lead with our strong customer basis.