Virtual Computing

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Virtual Computing

Benefits of virtual computing at a glance

Easy to expand

Fast installation of virtual desktops.

Cost optimization

due to flexible use of resources.

Secure data traffic

via dedicated computing centers.

Cost savings

Hardware costs are minimized.


Service Level Agreement 99.9 %

High availability

due to multiple data backups and redundant connections.

Virtual Computing

Administration expenses are incurred and the costs are kept to a minimum.

Desktop virtualization not only reduces complicated installation and administrative work, it also optimizes the costs for maintaining the devices, costs for necessary hardware in the background and expensive backup technologies. The flexible use of resources is particularly interesting in this case. Depending on use, with virtual computing, resources can be added or removed as needed. The customer only pays for the resources that are actually in use.

The solution is not set up like “any old cloud”. The data traffic between the work station or home office and the virtual desktop is processed solely by a dedicated computing center. The computing centers are in Europe or directly in Germany – the customer can choose. It is administrated via a secure platform which has structures similar to an active directory.

The distinctive feature here is the reliability with an SLA of 99.9 %. Working with permanently available operating systems is therefore ensured with our virtual computing service.

The right solution for your needs. From us – for you.

Security with virtual computing

The computing center is a dedicated, highly-secure computing center. I.e., the data only moves between the work station computer and the known computing center. The data center is designed and constructed so it is resistant to all external influences such as flooding or power failures. In addition, every computing center is equipped with firewalls and anti-virus systems in order to prevent unauthorized access via viruses or malware or to immediately eliminate harmful software.

The connection between the work station computer and the administrative platform for the virtual desktops is encrypted with SSL, offering the highest level of security. SSL encryption is one of the most current forms of security and is also used, e.g. by banks to secure online banking access.

Our providers comply with all required standards, such as ISO27001, BSI and certifications of all relevant suppliers (VM-Ware, CISCO, etc.). 18 high-security computing centers are available in Europe alone. In accordance with the requirements of the BDSG, offering hosting explicitly in Germany is possible.

Prices for virtual computing

The prices may seem higher than other providers’ at first glance. The big difference is, however, that the services from s-presso, e.g. high availability, data security, redundancy and many more, are permanently available.

Availability of virtual computing

The data is always highly available. This is ensured by a total of 2 10 Gbit/s lines. A permanent, guaranteed bandwidth of 100 Mbit/s is always ensured. The data is redundantly secured so you always have access to data and backups. With an SLA Level of 99.9 %, the risk of failure is minimized, thus excluding the possibility of expensive down times.

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