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Overview of Point 2 Point Networks


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Point-to-Point Network for your company

Coupling two sites with a leased line for data exchanges shouldn’t be too difficult a challenge. Bandwidth requirements and the necessary line availability are defined and the connection technology (copper, leased line, glass, wireless local loop) and potentially necessary redundancy solutions (single-route, two-route, carrier and media redundancy) are derived from this. The costs for the leased line result in particular from the distance of the customer site to the closest PoPs (Point of Presence) of the carrier and potentially necessary primary product suppliers in addition to the carrier media used and the competitive intensity at the site.
The project has been completed and the solution is on order.

In practice, however, there are often greater challenges to face. The actual, desired connection technologies or media are not available at both sites. And often the same provider is not available. Redundancy solutions are either very expensive or seem impossible. Point-to-Point Network is far beyond the budget and a solution seems a long way off.

For our experts, this is a completely normal initial situation and not a reason for concern. We implement the right Point-to-Point Network for you. “On budget” and “on time” and often with providers and solution approaches that you hadn’t even heard of until now..

The experts from Savecall provide you with provider-independent and professional consultation regarding the products from all carriers, determine the services for you and take care of everything else. From the conclusion of the contract through to commissioning. At no cost to you.

Options for Point-to-Point Network

If your company is a small company with a few company sites located close to each other, a permanent digital connection (e.g. leased line) or a LAN-Link (point-to-point connection via Ethernet) may the right option for you. You lease a defined bandwidth and can select between transmission speeds from 2 MBit/s to nx1 GBit/s. You profit from secure and high-quality data transmission that is always available.

If your individual sites are not further than 20 km apart, they can be coupled in some cases using wireless local loops. However, setting up such a wireless local loop is connected to several planning, approval and installation expenses.

It is usually only used if your company sites are either directly next to each other with a line of site or are located in more remote areas where no suitable alternative infrastructure is available.

Point-to-point site networking providers at a glance

Providers Product
telekom EthernetConnect
Colt LanLink
Cogent Ethernet Point-to-Point
bt Ethernet Connect
Vodafone EthernetBusinessService
versatel VT ethernet, VT access
mnet M-net Connect-LAN
eunetworks Ethernet Services / E-Line
NTT Global e-VLAN Service
Telekom Austria A1 Ether Link
AT T Ethernet Services
O2 Network Point-to-Point
Telia Sonera ELAN
riedel Managed Ethernet Services



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