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Business Continuity Management

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    Benefits of Business Continuity Management at a glance


    Get through the crisis without losing customers or know-how by being prepared!


    In the event of a catastrophe, the threat of the company failing is avoided.


    BCM creates a better overview – analyses help precisely identify and evaluate your business sectors and processes.


    Increase the efficiency of the IT, not just in the event of a catastrophe. The annual IT costs are significantly reduced.


    Greater trust with BCM – Your customers can be certain you will still provide your services even in the event of a catastrophe.

    Savecall components

    Our customers only pay what they book. Our customers have the option of creating their own BCM packages.

    Business Continuity Management (BCM) from Savecall

    Catastrophe!! You’re sitting in your office and your entire IT system is out – what do you do?

    The only option is to call a technician which costs an enormous amount of time and money. This can result in severe financial impacts for companies. It often even leads to insolvency.

    But why let it get that far? Prevention is key word here. Protect your company actively by using Savecall’s BCM product.

    Business Continuity Management is the preventative method for maintaining ongoing business operations in the event of a catastrophe. Create your own customized BCM product from Savecall’s Business Continuity Management modules. We will gladly consult you.

    Regardless of whether an IT system failure, building outage or emergencies caused by force majeure such as flooding, hurricanes or terrorist attacks, by implementing BCM, Savecall helps you prepare yourself, in particular, for severe cases so your core business can keep running.

    Savecall Business Continuity Management Method Modules

    1. Initial consultation module
    2. Head of Operations module
    3. Communication module
    4. BCM data safe module
    5. BCM crisis manager module
    6. VIP recovery module
    7. Alternate location module
    8. Emergency IT module
    9. Building service module
    10. BCM crisis PR module

    Act now – Protect your company. Contact us and we will gladly schedule a non-binding meeting with you!

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