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Online Backup & Disaster Recovery

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    Finally, no more problems with changing tapes, capacities and backup times, because backup and recovery options are a component of the s-presso platform and therefore your benefit. Automatic backup is already included in the central products from our s-presso product range. There are often additional servers that are locally hosted; data backup is an important topic here

    On average, 40 percent of all companies affected by critical data losses file for bankruptcy within 18 months.

    Our customers are highly aware of this risk. Still, a number of comparable companies are making great efforts to implement a reliable backup and data recovery plan. They thus expose themselves to a higher risk and that at a time when the economic conditions already include a number of problems and uncertainties. s-presso is based on the most modern technology in order to ensure that our customers are protected against risks. s-presso Online Backup offers fully-automated and secure online backups for your company data. Worries due to time-consuming manual processes with uncertain outcomes are  thing of the past. In addition, with this service, there are no payments for software license upgrades, new hardware and no administrative problems when the customer performs the backup. You have it easy: You profit from a high level of security, performance and reliability on the basis of a affordable monthly base fee.

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