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Hosted Server & Shared Storage
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Hosted servers are the current trend. No more worrying about things like operations security and backups. No hardware on site and the energy costs no longer play a role. With externally hosted server solutions, you can take advantage of the benefits of the private cloud!

The best part is, the required redundancies are already automatically included in the platform. Expand storage space without worrying about whether the backup media has enough capacity! A hosted server and shared storage is a solution that makes this easier!

We have prepared a lot for you. In addition to the servers, which you can find in the UCC section, you also have the option of connecting your own server and operating special applications there. The benefit for you is, you don’t have to take care of hardware or the infrastructure, because that’s already been done!

The hosted servers can be expanded at any time. If resources are no longer required, they can be returned to the pool and distributed to new devices.

Performance characteristics of hosted servers

  • CPU power in GHz (number of cores and sockets can be freely selected)
  • Memory in GB steps
  • SAN storage in different performance classes (I/O-oriented)
  • High availability (99.9%)
  • Customer ISO / vAPP libraries

Depending on the requirements, the server can be expanded at any time without hardware maintenance. Regardless of whether CPU, storage or memory is required, simply switch them on and the expansion is complete in a few minutes.

Central administration. Use the features of the VMWare Cloud Director which is available to you for administration so you can keep you entire platform under control.

Via the vEdgeGateways, different networks can be connected and disconnected and site-to-site VPNs can be connected. Firewall functions are available via gateways.

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